Lenten Mission Program – New Covenant UMC Ghana Mission

ghana_flagOn Sunday night, 03/16/2014, as part of our continuing Lenten Mission Program, The Reverend Gary Richards educated those in attendance of their church’s involvement in creating a school in Ntonso, Ghana.  In the early 1990’s, with many Ghanians in their congregation, the church raised $500 to purchase windows for the Methodist Church in Ntonso.  However, by the time the money was received, the windows had been purchased and the decision was made to use the money to start a new nursery school – the New Covenant United Methodist Church Prepatory School.  Since this initial donation, the church continues to support the school and the church providing both financial and spiritual support.  Here are some interesting facts learned during the discussion:

  • The New Covenant UMC is dedicated to their missions outside their church walls
  • There are 180 students that attend the school
  • Malaria continues to be a problem in Ghana, due to the lack of a strong public health system in the country
  • In addition to providing education, the children are fed two meals a day
  • Parents pay a nominal amount to cover the cost of the food and teacher’s salaries
  • All classes are taught in English
  • Gary Richards was in the Peace Corps earlier in his career
  • Most children can get an education in Ghana up to grade 6.  After that, it becomes very expensive.
  • Many families in the area are employed in farming and arts and fabric. 
  • Communication in the area (phone and internet) are widely available, though many cannot afford them
  • The group is actively planning their scheduled mission trip in the summer of 2014.

For more information on New Covenant UMC’s Ghana program, including ways you can support this fantastic mission program,  please check out their website selecting the following link:  Ghana Mission


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