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Welcome from the Pastor

Welcome to the Rockville United Methodist Church!!  We are located one half mile off exit 84 in the village of Rockville, CT and we invite you to come and join us for our many activities.

The mission of our church is to be a people seeking to be faithful to God, by reaching out to all, inviting each to a relationship with God, nurturing each in the love of Jesus Christ and sending everyone back into the world to minister in God’s name. 

The founder of the United Methodist Church, John Wesley modeled a Christian life that included having a personal relationship with the Lord, being active in acts of mercy/compassion, and sharing or communicating the love of God with others.  It is in those three areas of discipleship that distinguishes us as Methodists.

We are people of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but at the same time, we have a responsibility as the “visible hands of God” to do our part in “bringing the kingdom” to this part of Connecticut.

Come visit us in worship and refresh your spirit.

Pastor Paul O’Neil

Pastor O’Neil in the Dead Sea, March 2018