The GOM’s need your help! Since our Grumpy Old Men are getting even older, there are many things they did without fanfare on Wednesday mornings that they can no longer do. We will start posting in the bulletin, on Facebook, and on the website activities where we need help; these are activities octogenarians should no longer be doing. Please keep an eye out for these opportunities, and help where you can.

Leaf Clean Up: We need some volunteers to help clear the leaves from the church yard. The schedule is flexible, please see Don Ross for details.

GOM-Grumpy Old Men

The GOM’s (GOMMERS) have been in existence for about 30 years. They are a group of men who maintain the church property as best they can. They meet every Wednesday morning at 9:00 am and work from a list of items prepared by one of the trustee members.

These (mostly) Octogenarians do amazing work around the church, but they can use an infusion of young blood. “We are not proficient in all categories of maintenance, but we can do electrical, carpentry, cleaning, yard work, and whatever is required to keep the church operational. We have great coffee and donuts during a small break to renew our spirits.”