2014 Blood Drive

Red Cross Blood Drive


Rockville United Methodist Church held their annual Red Cross Blood Drive on February 19, 2014.  We successfully collected 46 pints of blood, include several “Double Red” collections.  While the weather initially was cooperative, the rain and cold temperatures came in during the early evening, turning the parking lot into a skating rink.  However, even with the bad weather, we were still able to collect the same amount of blood as we did last year.

As always, this event requires a significant amount of participation by many members of the church.  I would like to thank all of those who provided food, worked the canteen, assisted with check-in, recruited volunteers and donors and prepared the church for the event.  In particular, I’d like to thank the GOMers for putting up signs, Sylvia for her continued guidance and planning, and Bridget for picking up the slack whenever necessary.  I’d also like to thank all of those who braved the elements to donate.  Whether you were successful in giving or not, you truly do make a difference.  If you were unable to attend, but would like to find out more, please go to the Red Cross website to find an event in your area.


– Dave

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