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Take the 30 days of gratitude challenge
Take the 30 days of gratitude challenge

So, while at work today, when I should have been focusing on my companies monthly close process, I happened to see a Facebook post about “30 Days of Gratitude”.  With a quick google search, I came upon the following website: 30 Days of Gratitude.  By clicking on the “request” menu item, I downloaded a rather lengthy (50 page) PDF file which provides 30 days of “heartfelt gratitude exercises”.  When I got home (the company’s books won’t close on their own) I skimmed through the document, noticing it had a definite Yoga bent to it.  As someone who has taken some Yoga classes (and for those of you who know me, you are right, it wasn’t pretty) I can appreciate the mind-body connection.  The first exercise is dedicated to awakening, where they ask you to take a couple of deep breaths, settle, open you eyes and to look around.  They then pose the question “What do you see?”, but without putting a label on the things you see (a tree isn’t a tree but a miracle of colors, shapes, and character) and to just look with awe at everything.  Because I am reading this at 10:00 PM, I will save this exorcise for the early morning, when my mind is sharp!

In addition to the exercises, there are thought provoking comments such as “The only people with which you should try to get even are those that helped you!” or that according to aerodynamic studies, a bumblebee’s weight is too heavy for its tiny wings.

As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, we should consider giving thanks not for one day, but on every day of the month.  Perhaps if we can get in this habit, we can make every day Thanksgiving.  I would encourage you all to look at this website, downloading the document, and consider taking the journey with me.  I would also like to connect this to the mission of the church, and a particular event.  Early in 2014, we are hoping (and I know this hope will become a reality) to host a Stop Hunger Now packaging event.  If every day we take the time to focus on one thing that we can be thankful for, would we be willing to put a quarter or a dollar in a jar and donate it this great cause?  If so, we will be well on our way to share our gratitude with those less fortunate.   Please consider taking this 30 day journey with me.  Please add your thoughts or comments, and please, let me know what you are grateful for!



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  1. Pastor Ricki

    1/2 of our Leap of Faith Concert free will offering goes to Kidsafe,CT. Kidsafe is committed to preventing Child abuse and neglect as well as offering youth a place to meet and fellowship as a safe alternative to using drugs and alcohol recreationally. Stay tuned for the amount we raise at our concert. We care!

  2. Pete Schilling

    Thank you for the inspirational message Sunday.
    As part of the Stop Hunger programs is also the ongoing gleaning project of the Society of St. Andrew. Each Advent and Lent they provide our church with devotional booklets for the season.
    This January, we should take a special offering in support of their mission to feed people in need with unharvested crops.

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