Stan’s Corner, Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here is another great poem I have had for a long time.  It is called “Bless this Mess” by Jo Carr and Imogene Sorley:

Lord,  bless this mess.

Bless this Monday house—

breakfast dishes in the sink,

beds still unmade,

clutter of sandwich makings on the cabinet,

living room awry.

Bless this mess,

and me, as I proceed to tackle it.

Lord,  bless this mess.

Bless this Monday mind—

cluttered and cobwebby,

catch-all for outgrown opinions and ill-fitting


its mental compartments not yet straightened out,

thought patterns that could do with a good airing.

Bless this mess

and me as I proceed to tackle it.

A Monday house isn’t as bad as a Monday mind.

The house can wait.

But there are some thinking things that I need to

attend to now.

I wish it could be done with mop and broom—

those are tools I understand.

But thinking is hard, uncomfortable, unfamiliar.

And thinking is the only cleaning agent for a Monday

mind.   Ah, so.

Lord, bless this day.

The mop and broom I can handle.  I need thy help

with the cleansing of my mind.   Amen.

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