Sermon: John’s Continuous Message

John’s Continuous Message Mark 1:1-8 RUMC January 14, 2018 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil There is a fable about a young woman who was expelled from heaven. Before she left, she was told she would be readmitted to heaven only if she brought back the one gift that God valued the most. So she began her […]

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Sermon: Here Comes the Groom

“Here Comes the Groom” Matthew 25:1-12 RUMC 12 November 2017 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil A traditional wedding in our culture begins when the bride makes her grand entrance down the aisle while the groom waits at the front, but it wasn’t always this way. Actually in Biblical times it was reversed. My scripture text is […]

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Sermon: Worship the Ascended King

Worship the Ascended King Luke 24:44-53 RUMC May 28, 2017 On this the seventh and final Sunday of Easter, our focus this morning will be on the Ascension of Jesus, the time when Jesus returned to his Father in heaven. While Christ directs his church from heaven, it is important for us to continue Christ’s […]

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Sermon: Dressed for Action

Dressed For Action Luke 12:32-40 7 August 2016 In ancient times, the kings and queens were accustomed to having a person known as a court jester to entertain them. Many years ago there lived a king who himself thought he was funny and gave his court jester, a scepter and told him that if he […]

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