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Sermon: He Took Our Place

He Took Our Place John 3:1-17 RUMC 11 March 2018 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil Ronald Rand, the founder of Up Building Ministries, told a story about this unusual family: A man named Michael would take his family out each week to see a movie or some sports event. Afterwards, the family would gather together at […]

Posted in March 13, 2018

Sermon: Lenten Renewal

Lenten Renewal Mt 6:1-6 18 Feb 2018 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil As a global church, we are the 40 day season of Lent, a time when believers spiritually prepare themselves for Easter and give up something as a means of spiritual discipline. According to Twitter, the most common things that are sacrificed are: Chocolate and […]

Posted in March 7, 2018

Sermon: A Mountain Top Experience

A Mountain Top Experience Mark 9:2-9 February 11, 2018 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil In today’s gospel text, the Apostles Peter, James and John had the most amazing mountain top experience; Jesus was transfigured before their very eyes. As a result, it forever defined who they were, and they were never the same. When we truly […]

Posted in March 7, 2018

Sermon: The Wonder of the Call

The Wonder of the Call Mark 1:14-20 RUMC January 21, 2018 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil Just before the Revolutionary War, John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress, felt he needed to make a clear and strong statement to the King of England: that he was a true follower of the newly formed United States […]

Posted in March 7, 2018

Sermon: John’s Continuous Message

John’s Continuous Message Mark 1:1-8 RUMC January 14, 2018 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil There is a fable about a young woman who was expelled from heaven. Before she left, she was told she would be readmitted to heaven only if she brought back the one gift that God valued the most. So she began her […]

Posted in March 7, 2018

Sermon: The Visit of the Magi

The Visit of the Magi Mathew 2:1-12 January 7, 2017 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil When Danish sculptor Albert Thorvaldsen completed his famous statue of Christ with arms outstretched and head slightly bowed, a friend looked up at the figure and remarked that he had trouble seeing the face from where he stood. Thorvaldsen replied, “If […]

Posted in March 7, 2018

Sermon: Creation

Creation RUMC 4 February 2018 – Youth Sunday Written by the 2018 RUMC Confirmation Class One of the lessons in Confirmation class is to learn the different parts that comprise of a worship service. The Confirmation class put together this worship service and picked the theme.  They decided to base our Sermon today on Creation, […]

Posted in February 5, 2018

Sermon: First Step Again

First Step Again Luke 2: 22-40 RUMC 31 Dec 2017 Millie Victor Jesus Is Presented in the Temple 22When the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, they brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord 23(as it is written in the law of the Lord, “Every firstborn […]

Posted in January 17, 2018

Sermon: Shepherds in Bethlehem

Shepherds in Bethlehem Luke 2:8-14 RUMC 24 Dec 2017 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil Charlie Brown in his Christmas cartoon has the blues. He bought a tree, directed a play, but still could not get into the Christmas spirit.  He just mopes around and is depressed.  Finally he blurts out, “Is there anyone who knows what […]

Posted in January 17, 2018

Sermon: “Hungry, Naked, Sick, Imprisoned”

Hungry, Naked, Sick, Imprisoned Matthew 25:31-46 RUMC November 26, 2017 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil Aesop once wrote a fable about a Greek slave named Androcles, who escaped from his master and fled into the forest. While there, Androcles became hungry and depressed; then he heard the roar of a lion.  Because of his fear, he […]

Posted in January 17, 2018

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