Mother’s Day Worship Service & Sermon: “God’s Love on Mother’s Day”

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May 10, 2020 [White]
Fifth Sunday of Easter

John 14:1-14

God’s Love on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day (giving this part in the kitchen)

Happy Mother’s Day!!! As you can see, I am standing in the kitchen, wearing my mom’s apron. Please, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying or even thinking that the kitchen is where mothers must be placed. No, not at all! Women and men must be equal everywhere in our society! I am only showing this to remember and honor my mom who has never stopped feeding me and caring for my life.

When I called my mom last night to say “thanks,” she replied (she never forgets to ask this when I call her), “Son, did you eat? What are you eating these days?” On Mother’s Day, my mom still wonders whether I eat or not. And I believe this is also your concern about your children.

“It was good when I was a child!” Don’t you say or think these words when you are in trouble or worrying about something? Yes, I can really say that everything was good when I was a little kid; I had never been hungry, I had never been lonely, I had never been desperate for anything. Was it because my parents were rich? No! Remember, once I talked about my parents’ failure in their business. I knew they were in great trouble, but I still grew up rich because they sacrificed everything to take care of me!

If someone asks me where we can experience God’s love, I’d like to say that we can always experience it from our mothers’ love. Mothers are special people who provide unconditional love for their children. They will even lay down their lives for their children just as Jesus laid down his life for his people. On this Mother’s Day, I’d like to bow down and thank my mom and all our mothers for their sublime love.

The love of God the Father or Mother (giving this part in the garden)

As I sit in our memorial garden, I am reminded of what Jesus says to his people, “[God grows the flowers and grasses of the field. Without God’s command, none of the sparrows will fall to the ground. So do not fear; you are much more precious than many sparrows]” (Mt. 6:30; Mt. 10:29-31). Do those words mean that God is so rich and powerful, that we will never have any trouble? No. What Jesus means is that God, our Father or Mother will protect us and take good care of us with abundant love.

Although God is in control, trouble is a reality in our world and the Bible doesn’t ignore it. Open any page in the Bible and you will see a story of some kind of trouble. Even here in this place with Jesus and his disciples there had been trouble. Jesus knew he would soon be betrayed and killed by the Jews. He also knew his disciples would be in trouble because of him. Actually, we don’t need to read the Bible or look far to find trouble. Our life experience has already taught us that no one can get through life without suffering or pain. We also know if our trouble seems so deep, it’s hard to have hope of life.

If this is your situation today, take Jesus’ words for this morning deep into your hearts. “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me” (v. 1). Please notice that Jesus never says that we should ignore trouble, but he wanted to provide comfort with clear instructions: “Trust God and Trust me.” And “Trust God the Father or Mother who holds your life, and Trust Jesus who has given his life for us (to prepare a place for you – the eternity in God’s house)” (v. 2).

He also says these remarkable words, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life” (v. 6). Some Christians take this verse literally believing it to be exclusive to any other religion or culture. Let us not judge with our classic doctrine, but take it as his own promise to protect his disciples from trouble.

So let me put it this way: “I am the Way” – even though you happen to encounter trouble, don’t worry but trust me. I will always guide you. “I am the Truth” – even though you happen to get lost, don’t worry but trust me. I will always find you. “I am the Life” – even though you happen to be discouraged, don’t worry but trust me; I will always work with you and help you to restore hope in your life.

Amazingly, Jesus gave this promise when he was in trouble. He knew he was about to be killed. Nevertheless, he was completely concerned about his people. And we know he laid down his own life for the sake of our salvation. On this Mother’s Day, let us bow down and give thanks to Jesus Christ who is our Way, Truth, and Life

On Mother’s Day (speaking this part in the sanctuary)

I am back in our sanctuary to continue our worship with you. When I sat in our garden, I was thinking to myself that it’s OK to be spoiled (in a good way) because God loves me so much that he will always watch over me. But as I now enter our sanctuary, I am reminded that I am not only a child of God, but also a servant to God, and I feel like I have to do something for others in terms of a Christ-given ministry. Indeed, Jesus says in this passage, “Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these” (v. 12). On this Mother’s Day, let us deepen our faith in Jesus Christ and strive to take action as his disciples.

On this Mother’s Day, let us bow down and give thanks to all our mothers (and also fathers) who brought us into this world and have taken care of our lives. On this Mother’s Day, let us also bow down and give thanks to God who has created us, saved us, and sustained our lives with abundant love. On this Mother’s Day, let us also love each other and serve others in God’s love just as Jesus Christ our Lord has loved. Amen.