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Sermon: When We Wrestle with God

When We Wrestle With God Genesis 32:22-32 RUMC Aug 6, 2017 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil During the month of July, we looked into the life of the Old Testament Patriarch, Jacob. He was the one who caused his brother Esau to foolishly exchange his inheritance for a bowl of soup. Jacob tricked his father Isaac […]

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Sermon: The Adventures of Jacob

The Adventurers of Jacob Genesis 29:1-20 RUMC 30 July 2017 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil When the cartoon movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first shown in movie theaters across America, the movie goers didn’t realize that Disney artists drew over one million pictures. Each image flashed onto the screen for a 1/24th of […]

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Sermon: God Sightings

God Sightings Genesis 28:10-22 RUMC 23 July 2016 Pastor Paul R. O’Neil A God sighting is a term that seems to be in vogue in some churches circles. I would define it as a spiritual event where people can see the hand of God in their lives.  Because of these unplanned encounters, men, women and […]

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Sermon: What Did Jesus Write in the Sand?

“What Did Jesus Write in the Sand?” John 8: 1-11 RUMC 16 July 2017 Pete Schilling This year I am reading my way through my “Bible in A Year,” each day reading another set of Scripture passages. So comes May 14th: I am reading the familiar story in John about the woman caught in adultery […]

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