Sermon: The Throne Room of God

The Throne Room
by Janet O’Neil
Originally written in early 1980’s

Dear Love One,

There is so much to tell you. I wanted to write to you although I understand you will never receive this letter.

I just do not know exactly where to begin. I did not expect to be leaving you so soon, but almost instantly, I was free from that gnawing pain and headache.  For a moment, I was sad, looking at your grieved face, but suddenly a brilliant white light almost blinded me and I was distracted from the happenings in the room.

Two angels dressed in white escorted me through what appeared to be space while explaining to me what was happening. I was feeling so light-headed and excited that I started to giggle.  The tears of overflowing joy began to fall.

The angels pointed to a place straight ahead which looked like a greenish star. I thought of you and looked back, but I could not see earth, the room, or you.  We continued to move toward the star in a northerly direction.  I began to see it was a land inhabited by people.  It was just brilliant-sparkling like crystal.

Everything was so clean and fresh. The two angels that accompanied me had me look in the direction of the abode of the unrighteous (shudder).  I started to tremble at some of the stories they told me.  Please, whatever you do, do not fall away.  I could not imagine you in such pain, torment, and filth forever.

We finally approached the crystal city and we walked to Simon’s Gate. I gave the man who was standing there my name and he let me in.  All of a sudden, I was greeted by a whole host of people, angelic beings and elders.  Our friends and relatives were there.  What a welcome!  I met mom, dad and your grandparents.  They love you so much.

Then the angels escorted me inside the magnificent city. The climate is balmy and overwhelming and pleasant, more like spring all the time.  I was in complete awe of the spectacle of nature.  The trees were in full bloom, brilliant in color and dazzling in fragrance bearing, all kinds of exotic fruit, many of which I had never seen.

We walked to a river that was clear as crystal. Never was water so refreshing to drink; the taste was so invigorating.  The walls that surrounded us were massive, all having 12 gates with guards at each one.  Each gate was made of a single pearl, and they never closed.  The foundation of each wall was made of precious jewels, and the streets were pure gold.  I know this is hard to imagine, but it is true.

Soon we were at the Throne of God. I could not stand to look.  I fell to my face and I heard Him call me by my new name.  When I heard His voice, I was compelled to look up.  He was sitting on the throne clothed in white, which radiated like the sun.  There was total silence as I walked towards Him on a glass floor, which reflected His image and mine.

Twenty-four men also dressed in white robes smiled at me with compassion and love. I was at peace as I passed burning lampstands.  As I ascended the steps gazing into His eyes, I felt the power of His glory and His love.  I immediately fell down at his sandaled feet and whispered, “Jesus, sweet Jesus.”

The struggles of surviving just hours ago and the hardships of life were now forgotten as I touched his sandaled foot and felt his wound still opened. Never before have I felt so safe and secure.  I rested against Him for what seemed to be hours, not saying a word.

I felt like a child in a father’s loving presence. Then He gently drew me up and embraced me into His arms.  I never realized that He cared for me like He does.  I was surprised that He was so magnificent yet He wanted to be with me.  I can see, now, how He ordered my life, day by day and step by step for His purposes.  Now my life is complete in His presence.  All glory, honor and praise be to Him.

Please wherever you are, do not grieve for me, but serve the Lord always. Talk to Him.  Learn of Him.   Share the good news of his love.  If I could leave here, I would go back and tell the world about Jesus, but I cannot.

My opportunities have past, but yours have not. Use every opportunity you have to tell others of Him.  If only you could experience the reality of heaven-life on earth would take on new dimensions and you would be excited to share your faith with others.

Never lose sight of the inheritance that is ours as children of God. May you feel his presence in your heart always.  He loves you very much.  God sends His love along with mine.

In Him,

Your loved One