ARCHIVE September, 2016

Sermon: The Irresponsible Steward

The Irresponsible Steward Luke 16:1-8 September 18, 2016 My father in law, Frank Beatrice, was 95 years old when he died 2 ½ years ago; I would consider him to be the most honest man I ever have ever known. When he worked in the lumber yard, he saw $800 in rolled up bills fall […]

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Sermon: 99 + 1 = 100

99+1=100 Luke 15:1-10 11 September 2016 When we lose something that is very important to us, it can be the most frustrating thing in the world. We have all experienced it, for example, when we can’t find our keys, or glasses, or wallet, or purse.  Maybe it is the checkbook or credit card or a […]

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Sermon: Counting the Cost

Counting the Cost Luke 14:25-33 4 Sep 2016 The Bridger-Teton Natural Wilderness Area in Wyoming has over 600 miles of hiking trails and many campsites. In a survey, campers were asked to list ways in which the park could improve the quality of services.  Here are some of the actual responses: Please avoid building trails […]

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Sermon: Crippled by Pain

Crippled by Pain Luke 13:10-17 Aug 21, 2016 Frank and Mabel had been married for 40 years. Frank had turned 60 in April; it was now June and the family had gathered to celebrate Mabel’s 60th birthday.  During the birthday festivities, Frank took a walk into another room and was surprised to see his fairy […]

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