VBS 2016 Mission Journals

In the words of the Surfers

Our Surfers went out into the world to do good every day this week. The kids worked so hard, they returned to the church very close to noon each day. Although the kids barely had enough time to wash their hands and have their snacks, they still managed to share their experiences in their journals. Here are some of their thoughts:

Natalie C: Summary: All week we helped out our community here is a short summary about it. On Monday we went to the Y to play with the children. We played games like hot potato and learned what they did to keep them occupied. On Tuesday, we went to Vernon Manor and rail-to-trails to clean trash. At Vernon Manor we helped seniors with a art project and talked to them. On Wednesday we went to Henry Park to clean trash. I loved helping the environment. On Thursday, we went to Our Farm, we weeded and harvested plants. Over all I’v learned that it’s great to help our community even if you don’t want to!

 Will F: Monday 6/20/2016: Today we went to the YMCA.

Arielle S: Monday 6/20/2016: , Today we went to the YMCA! All of us had so much fun playing with the kids! I played with camron and ethean, they were so nice and kind! I will never forget the time I went to help and play with kids at the YMCA!

 Abby H: Monday 6/20/2016: Kids Play Fun

Today we went to the “Y”. And we played with the 3,4 year olds I was with the 4 year olds I read a book to this cute 4 year old Bobby I now know that some of the Books at the “Y” are page less! I felt god at the playground when I was on the slide! What a great day!

Jack L: Tuesday 6/21/2016: Today we went to “Rails to Trails” to walk along the trail and pick up any garbage we see, so by doing that we were helping clean the enviorment and saving our Earth. Right after that we went to Vernon Manner to help the seniors do a flower project. I think they were really happy that we came to help them because some of them do not have family or friends to come and visit and they probably have not seen kids in a while because they have to stay there. That is what we did today.

 Leah C: Wednesday 6/22/2016: Today we went to Henry Park to help Captain’s Crew. With some teenagers we cleaned up the park by picking up litter. I am glad we did this because if nobody picked up trash, the park would be super dirty! Nobody would want to go there.

Lucas B: Thursday 6/23/2016: Today we went to Aure Farm and did some stuff with the plants. I found out weeds are edible and we fed animals.
I would say my favorite part of the week was Monday because of the slushies at cumberland farms. Monday we went to the YMCA to play with kids. Tuesday we went to Rails to Trails to pick up trash and then we went to vernon manor to help the residents with an art project. Yesterday we went to Henry park to clean up trash with the Coaches crew. This week so far was excellent!

Sarah H: Summery: This weak was a lot of fun. We picked up trash on a trail and at henry park. We also playd with 3 and 4 year old kids. We also helped some elder people . One more thing we did was we went to a farm and picked plants. My favorit thing we did the week was when we went to the farm. I liked the farm the most because we got to helped the farmers harvest food. We also got to see the animals. This is what we did this week.