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Sermon Mark 1:21-28 “Wrestling with Demons” February 1, 2015

One of the things you can count on when reading the Gospel of Mark, is that everything moves rapidly. One moment Jesus is being baptized in the river Jordan; the next, he’s being forced into the wilderness to be tempted to give up on God’s plan and make his own. And before you can take […]

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Sermon John 1:43-51 “Gathering the Troops” January 18, 2015

There’s an unusual phenomenon, which seems to be universal among all living beings, at least all living things with working intellects. Confronted by something new, unfamiliar and challenging most creatures will initially show fear, respect, or a desire to flee. Often, when something new confronts our lives, we want to take flight, ignore this newness, […]

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Sermon Mark 1:4-11 “On the Way to the Wilderness” January 11, 2015

When I was a kid I remember summers as those special times when we journeyed from my house in Glastonbury to my grandparents’ cottage along the shore in Old Saybrook. It wasn’t really as far as I thought it was but then, I was young and sitting any length of time in our car to […]

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Sermon Matthew 2:1-12 “Three Men and a Baby” January 4, 2015

It could be said, and should be admitted, I’ve preached on this scripture text every year since I first took on the role of pastor in a church. Counting back, we’re talking five churches and some 27 Epiphany Sunday services. On a few of those occasions, the service actually fell on the traditional 12th day […]

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