Sunday Evening Lenten Mission Programs

Lenten Studies
Lenten Study

For the 5 weeks of Lent, speakers will be joining us at Rockville United Methodist Church to give a presentation on their missions. These presentations will be 20-25 minutes long followed by a question and answer period. Light Refreshments will be served. Please join us for what will be informative and inspirational evenings.

Sunday, March 9….7:00 pm

For our first week Lenten mission program (see below) , we were fortunate to have Helen Syriac and Brian Flint provide information on the mission of the Cornerstone Foundation in Rockville.   Helen is the founder and executive director of  and Bryan is the director of Cornerstone Shelter. Please see the link for more information:  How to give.

Sunday , March 16…. 7:00 pm 

Over 30 people were in attendance for The Reverend Gary Richards (New Covenant UMC in East Hartford) discussion on their mission program with Dunwell Methodist Church in Ntonso, Ghana, where they have actively raised funds for a pre-school.  Click the link for more information, and for information on how you can help:  Ghana Mission.

Sunday, March 23…. 7:00 pm

Reverend John Mueller, at Trinity UMC in Springfield, MA, speaking about the Justice For Our Neighbors program (JFON) which offers high quality legal immigration services.

Monday, March 31… 7:00 pm

Dr. Saud Anwar, a pulmonologist from Vernon, will speak on missions projects to Haiti. Dr. Anwar takes medical groups to Haiti to support South Windsor Haiti Preschool.

Sunday, April 6… 7:00 pm

Peter Kenny, a Methodist at Wesley Memorial UMC in East Windsor, is a retired “head hunter” who has started a support group that provides job search support for unemployed workers at the church.