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Sermon Matthew 2:13-23 “The Flight to Egypt” December 29, 2013

We have to wonder about Matthew’s wisdom or logic in placing this particular story in his gospel. It’s a dark tale far removed from the idyllic pageantry of Christmas with its pastoral scenes and its gentle retelling of the birth of Jesus. But, then again, Matthew has a darker take on the coming of the […]

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Sermon Isaiah 9:2-7 “Christ is Born! Now the Journey Begins” December 24, 2013 (10:00 p.m.)

What does it mean to be a people who walk in darkness? You know, I love this late service on Christmas Eve. I love the quiet streets, the houses lit and welcoming, the silence and the sense of expectation. On any other night, if there are lights burning, they don’t seem to say the same […]

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Sermon A Christmas Story Luke 2:1-21 Christmas Eve – 6:00 p.m. 2013

Carol “O Holy Night”        Finally, the night sounds quieted, the town settling into sleep. Joseph found it difficult to close his eyes. He was aware of Mary breathing by his side and knew that soon, very soon, they would both be awakened by the pangs of impending birth. He knew he needed […]

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Sermon Matthew 1:18-25 December 22 2013 “Believing the Impossible:Joseph’s Dilemma”

Joseph’s job was impossible and yet, by God’s grace, Joseph accomplished his task. Now, some of you might thinking I’m talking about the long, treacherous trek to Bethlehem to be taxed with a heavily pregnant Mary but, not so. In fact, the walk to Bethlehem was much simpler than the harder job of believing how […]

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Sermon Isaiah 2:1-5 “Hope-A Candle in the Dark” December 1, 2013

    Many years ago, I had a vision of this very scripture. The mountain of the Lord, all nations streaming toward this one glorious house of God, an abiding peace reigned where once there had been war. I might not have given much thought to the images had it not been for one amazing […]

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Ingathering and food needs in our community

What is the difference between the two posts from Sue Bird below, the first being from the recent post in December’s newsletter and the second from October’s? December:  A total of 314 items were donated to the Tri- Town Pantry since the November Newsletter was published. The “Greatest Needed Foods” for the month of December […]

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