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Sermon Luke 19: 28-40 “Blessed Be the King” March 24, 2013 Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29

The Roman Catholic world is all aflutter! They have a new Pope, Pope Francis. There are some reasons for all the excitement. This is the first Pope from one of the Americas and Francis appears to be distinctly different than Pope Benedict. This pope also took the name of one of the great saints; St. […]

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Sermon “Wrap it Up…I’ll Take it with Me” John 21:15-19 March 17, 2013

         Several years ago, in December, the Bushnell Theatre presented the production “Fiddler on the Roof”. It ran for 8 days. When I heard about it and because I loved this musical, I found someone to go with me. I was able to purchase 3 tickets. There’s a very tender and moving […]

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Sermon Luke 19:1-10 “Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones” March 10, 2013

Like you, I began with this passage from Luke wondering what it had to do with “habits”. I’d always heard that forming a good habit and sticking to it takes about a month, but when I tried to get the best internet advice on the topic, I found a much wider range of possibilities – […]

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Sermon Luke 11:37-52 March 3, 2013 “Clean as a Whistle, Inside and Out”

        Continuing with our theme, “Give up Something Bad for Lent”, we have yet another challenging scripture through which to work. This one might perplex us some because we suppose that Jesus, having been raised in a Jewish home with Jewish parents and customs should know better. Don’t we all tell our […]

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