Stan’s Corner, Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once again, I would like to share the delicate writing style of Howard Thurman:

“We are mindful of needs beyond our little world and its demands.  Some needs close at hand have not been able to get beyond the outer gate of our vital concern–we have dealt with them casually out of the richness of our own sense of surplus.  There are those other needs at which we have not dared to look, because we fear what our response to them would make us do or make us become.  They might upset all the careful plans of our days, and the goals upon which we have set our spirits may be thrown out of focus or cast aside.  O God, we cannot look into the depths of certain anguish and find our way into our own happiness again.  This seems too costly for us and we are afraid.  And yet, our Father…we do not know what to do.  We do not know how to give, and not destroy ourselves.

Gentle Father, deal with our disorder with redemptive tenderness so that we, as we live, tomorrow and tomorrow, may not be shamed by Thy Grace that has made our lives move in such tranquil places.  These are all the words we have; take them and permit them to say to Thee the content of our hearts and our spirits.  Merciful God, Merciful God… “