Stan’s Corner, Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I thought the pageant was wonderful and got hold of a script so I could quote you some of the really good lines:

Mary:  When Gabriel told me whose mother I’d be,

I couldn’t believe it.  Had God chosen me?

But God knew my heart, and he knew I’d agree.

My message is trusting in Him.  Don’t you see?

Joseph:  I’m Joseph, a carpenter. I learned firsthand

when nothing is going the way we planned,

and things happen that we don’t understand,

Our God is there always to give us a hand.

Innkeeper:  Yes, we’re the Innkeepers, we can’t deny

that “No room at the Inn” was our grumpy reply.

Then we said, “Use our stable, it’s warm and it’s dry.”

You can always find some way to help if you try.

Shepherd:  I care for my lambs, though it’s rocky and steep.

When the night sky is dark, and my flock is asleep,

I guard against danger—a close watch I keep.

God is our shepherd, and we are his sheep.

King:  We wise men came, or three kings, as they say.

We had a long trip from a land far away.

We followed a star to where Jesus lay.

Follow your heart, and you’ll find him today.

Reading these lines is okay, but I think the messages had much more power when real people spoke them!