Stan’s Corner, Thursday, December 8, 2011

Macrina Wiederkehr

Christmas Shopping


O God of words, dear Word made flesh

give birth to my thoughts,

change them into words

that will help me to Christmas up the lives

of those I love, for I am weak and fragile

scared and empty this year

and still I feel you very near.


Jesus, I think I hear you coming

I think I hear a sound that says

you’ve cared your way into my life again.


I think I see a light more lasting

than the ones we hang on trees

I think I see a world

that’s splashed with God again

so gospelled with his presence

so covered with his love

yet, lonely still….


O shoppers, dear shoppers

put your carts away.

Please put your carts away

and search deep down within your hearts

for gifts that will not rust or fade

For where your treasure is

there is your heart.  (Matthew 6:19-21)

O look into your God-splashed, gospelled hearts

and see!  See Christmas standing there

waiting to be, not bought

but given free.


We are Christmas shoppers, Lord

We are shopping for a way

to make your coming last

O take the blind in us and hold it close

O teach us how to see

Decorate our lives with your vision

For Christmas, let us see!


O shoppers, dear shoppers

hang lights in your hearts

instead of on your trees

For the One we’ve hung our hopes on

has come, and now we’re free

but only if we see.


Jesus, we long for Christmas-eyes.

Please heal the blind in us

For Christmas, eyes that see!