Stan’s Corner, September 3

Another quote from Alan Jones:

“When I was eleven, a speaker at our elementary school told us that every one of us had a God-shaped blank in his heart.  I was very taken with that comment at the time, although I wasn’t sure what he meant exactly.  Later I came to interpret my longings, the open and incomplete side of my life, as that God-shaped emptiness.   When I got to college, my mentor there told me that we all have such empty spaces inside us, which only God can fill.”   p. 39

“I don’t want so much to reinvent it (Christianity) as for it to reinvent me.  How I understand myself is at stake…

…I find myself as part of an odd community with people…who want to attend to their hole in the soul.  Practices such as lighting a candle and receiving some bread and wine regularly help me attend to the hole in my soul.  I experience a presence that draws me out of my feeling lost—a presence that tells me I am not (an no one is) a loser…”  p.43

On Sunday, Sept. 11, Ray Clark will begin a discussion in the adult class at 9:30, of Alan Jones’ book, Reimagining Christianty.