Stan’s Corner, Sunday, August 28

We were without power for 32 hours without running water because we are on a well, and without television or the computer—it seemed like a week.  Anyway, I will put on a post for two missing days:

From Alan Jones’ book:  Reimagining Christianity:*

“I have retained an affection for the hearty evangelicalism of my youth and the sense of the sacred from my conversion to a more catholic view of Christianity—all within the Church of England.  I know this is confusing, but it’s important to understand that for me being a Christian is a romance, a pilgrimage into the unknown, a process of continual conversion.  It is not difficult for me to embrace contradiction.  I can be Protestant, Catholic, agnostic, and devout believer all at the same time.  In this respect I am very English.”   pp. xiv – xv

Ray Clark will lead a discussion of this book beginning Sunday, Sept. 11 at 9:30 in the Adult Class.