Stan’s Corner, Saturday, August 27

From Alan Jones’ book:  Reimagining Christianity:*

#1  “When I was about eight I was admitted to the choir of the low-church parish (moderate evangelical) near my home, and this changed my life.  I had given my heart to Jesus in Sunday school and now I sang my heart out for Him in the choir.” p. xiv

“Even as a young kid, God was to me an impenetrable mystery, yet I experienced this deep reality as personal.  God wasn’t a person, but God was personal.  By that I don’t mean private; I mean that the sense of the divine came to me through other persons and wasn’t and isn’t in the first instance, a matter of belief…Beliefs are a kind of ladder.  When we get to our destination, the ladder can be kicked away.”  xvii

Ray Clark will lead a discussion of this book beginning Sunday, Sept. 11 at 9:30 in the Adult Class.