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Sermon Mark 11:1-11 “Here Comes the King” March 29, 2015

Until recently, I never understood the fascination the world seems to have with English royalty. A few years ago, as I began working toward my doctorate, I became aware of the strong connection English history has in the evolution of Christianity. My research, at least in part, brought me into close contact with the Anglican […]

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Sermon John 12:20-33 “Yes! We Want to See Jesus” March 22, 2015

The story I just read from the Gospel of John this morning is one, which I’ve long wrestled. Quite frankly, I find this reading from John to be difficult to understand because Jesus responds to the information brought to him by his two disciples, Andrew and Philip with what, at first glance, might be perceived […]

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Sermon John 2:13-22 “Scattered” March 8, 2015

Growing up Roman Catholic, my somewhat childish impressions of “church”, “sanctuary”, and sacred space still remain, to a degree, intact. The place where God meets God’s creation as in humanity, as in you and me was and still is a holy place, a place to be respected and honored. There were certain unwritten but well […]

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Sermon John 3:14-21 “Light, Love, Truth” March 15, 2015

The passage we heard this morning from the Gospel of John is probably one of the most familiar to both religious and non-religious persons alike. The only other passage likely to rival this level of familiarity might be Psalm 23…”The Lord is my shepherd….” We’ve seen the words “For God so loved the world…” in […]

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Sermon Mark 8:31-38 “So, What’s it Worth to You?” March 1, 2015

In the world of antiques and collectibles, things don’t have value unless someone wants them. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making a half-hearted stab at organizing and packing non-essentials for the eventual move from the parsonage to a new home. In nine years, the house has become full of things – some necessary, […]

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