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Sermon Matthew 21:33-46 October 5, 2014 “The In Crowd”

Throughout the year, we have been exploring the gospel of Matthew. Matthew often used Christ’s words to address his audiences – the Jews of the day. At times, we’ve heard very strong words of condemnation and criticism in Matthew, those words often directed at the religious elite – primarily the scribes and the Pharisees. Occasionally, […]

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Sermon Matthew 21:23-32 “The Blame Game” September 28, 2014

I’m an avid fan of the show Seinfeld. The inside joke, of course shared with all of us, is that Seinfeld is a show about nothing. Actually, it’s a show about everything! I always seem to find a Seinfeld illustration in almost every human situation. The one I want to share with you today I […]

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Cornerstone Foundation Soupfest 2014

Each year the Cornerstone Foundation provides 6000 beds of shelter, serves over 40,000 meals, gives away 35,000 items from its Clothing Bank, and provides a safe and secure haven for youths to gather for social, educational and recreational activities.  As a local organization, the Cornerstone Foundation depends on the generosity of its neighbors to keep […]

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Sermon Romans 14:1-12 September 14, 2014 “Put the Phone Down and Pay Attention!”

The other day, I was driving down Union Street on my way to Walgreens Pharmacy and my eye caught a rather alarming sight.  On my side of the road, a little girl no older than 3 or so was walking on the edge of the raised tar street curb. I reined in my car a […]

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Sermon Matthew 15:21-28 “The Scavenger Hunt” September 7, 2014

On my walks around town, I’ve noticed the thoughtless results of those who litter. I’ve seen some rather strange items cluttering up God’s beautiful creation plan. On one occasion I saw a rather large soda bottle filled with a yellow liquid. I don’t even want to guess as to what’s in that bottle. All I […]

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