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Sermon John 14:15-21 “The Path that Leads to Somewhere” May 25, 2014

About a week or so ago, I forced myself to take a vigorous walk through Rockville. I was tired; it had been a long day, but I knew tired or not, I needed some fresh air and some heart-pumping exercise so I walked. I decided to take a different route, one I hadn’t taken before […]

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Sermon John 14:1-14 “Promises, Promises” May 18, 2014

         A minister’s calendar is filled with entries, which shape his or her day, week, and month. Though we are advised to live every day fully and to live in the moment, most of us just can’t do it. We’re also compelled by the nature of our work to plan ahead, to […]

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Sermon John 10:1-10 “Honey, I’m Home” May 11, 2014

        My dog, Chloe, has what we often term in the human world as “selective hearing”. I’m pretty sure her hearing, at age 14, is impaired. She has good days and not so good days but, then, so do I. On the other hand, when Chloe wants to hear, miraculously she can. […]

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Sermon Luke 24:13-35 “On the Road Again” May 4, 2014

In the course of a day, I am forever turning the volume up and down on my cell phone depending on the situation I’m in. I don’t want the phone to “ring” when I’m somewhere, doing something where a cell phone going off would be disruptive. I’ve had this new cell phone for about 6 […]

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