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Sermon Luke 13:10-17 “The Bent Over Woman” August 25, 2013

I wonder how many of us have met a bent over woman?  If we shared our stories, we might discover that those afflicted with sloped shoulders and an aging spine have their own stories to tell, stories of endurance and courage. Stories of overcoming the perils of living in a world of decidedly taller people […]

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Sermon Luke 12:49-56 “Impatience is a Virtue” August 18, 2013

This is one of those passages in the New Testament, which gives one pause; here is a Christ we can truly identify with, someone whose humanity seems to overshadow his divinity. Here is Jesus Christ declaring his impatience at the slow results of his ministry, peevish in his impatience and eager for some result. “I […]

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Sermon Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16 August 11, 2013 “The Assurance of Faith”

We all have someone in our lives that taught us what it means to have “faith.” For me, it was my grandmother. Whenever we stayed overnight at her house on a weekend, Gram would faithfully walk us down the street to the church on Sunday mornings. The experience of walking to the church was an […]

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Sermon Luke 12:13-21 “What’s in Your Barn?” August 4, 2013

Back, a number of years ago, I met a honest-to-goodness hoarder. Nothing was ever tossed out and everything, significant or not, was kept for the proverbial “rainy day.”  I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw the home with its cluttered hallways and its living room couch and chairs overflowing with an assortment of […]

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