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Sermon Luke 11:1-13 “Keep Talking” July 28, 2013

Too many years ago to matter much, in the early days of a novice’s ministry, I was taught how to pray. It’s embarrassing to admit I needed instruction having faithfully attended church all my life and having had the opportunities for prayer lessons in my Catholic catechism classes and later, in CCD classes in preparation […]

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Sermon Luke 10:38-42 “Martha vs. Mary” July 21, 2013

         I’ve always fantasized about what it might be like to have a sister. I have a brother…a real nice one whom I love very much, but I do wonder what it would be like to have a sister. Older or younger, I’m not particular on the birth order position in the […]

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Sermon Luke 10:25-37 “The Good Samaritan” July 14, 2013

I never know what to do with my airline reward points. It seems I never have enough to actually use them to book a flight. And the restrictions placed on their use would have me flying to three different airports over an eight-hour in-air stint just to get me from Dulles in Washington to Bradley […]

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Sermon Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 July 7, 2013 “Commissioned to Serve”

Sitting on the District Committee on Ministry for over 10 years, I’ve learned a great deal about what it means to be “commissioned to serve”. I’ve met individuals who are ready to do so and sadly, also met many who exhibit no such readiness now nor are they likely to do so in any foreseeable […]

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Sermon Luke 9:51-62 “Too Busy for God?” June 30, 2013

Once again, Luke has captured an intriguing scene in which excuses are offered and Jesus rejects them as illegitimate. No time for God? Nonsense! But, it is the opening passage that would have alarmed early readers or hearers of this gospel. Here there is a decidedly non-ethical moment as proper protocol is breached. In the […]

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