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Sermon Romans 5:1-5 “Justified by Faith” May 26, 2013

In this passage from the Letter to the Roman Church, Paul outdoes himself. He’s still wordy but somehow, there is clarity and substance in what he says not only for the community of the faithful in Rome but, for our lives and in our day and age too. Paul describes human interaction in a way […]

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Sermon Acts 2:1-21 “Blowing in the Wind” May 19, 2013

  Today we celebrate the birth of the Christian Church.  Unlike our birthdays there are no candles on a cake to blow out and no presents to open.  This birthday is marked with a rush of violent wind, with tongues of fire and with the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  It’s marked by the gospel […]

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John 17:20-26 “All for One, One for All” May 12, 2013

We all had those teachers in school and bosses in life who never seemed to stop talking. Teachers would prattle on about their subject matter or in the case of bosses about profit against loss always with regard to the product the company was selling. They would try to engender the same kind of energy […]

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Sermon John 14:23-29 “Those Who Love Me” May 5, 2013

       Leonard Sweet, a United Methodist Minister views this passage and others like it, which deal with the idea of “Love” in this way…”Love is less what you feel than what you do.”[1] I think we can embrace this notion. Hearing someone tells us we are important and loved is certainly good, but […]

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