Refugee Relief

Our Syrian refugee family arrived in December and is getting acclimated to their new life here in Connecticut. The children are going to school and their parents have started taking English lessons.

Volunteers cleaned the apartment and set up the furniture and other donated items in one weekend. The Marri family arrived late Monday night December 5, 2016.  After five years in a refugee camp in Turkey, the family was nervous at first meeting people they couldn’t understand.  However they quickly discovered the RUMC volunteers who greeted them were very friendly and the kids eagerly explored their new home.

Steve Yoder has been leading and coordinating volunteers who have helped the Marri’s get their paperwork processed, obtain physicals and vaccinations, and start school. The Marri family visited RUMC on Sunday February 5, 2017 during the Sunday School’s Souper Sunday Fundraising Luncheon.  Some of the Gerow children have visited the Marri’s at their home, so the kids saw some familiar friends.  After lunch the Marri and RUMC kids had a spirited soccer game in the only snow-free part of the church yard.

People are still generously donating their time and money to help support the Marri’s. Some of the continuing support has gone toward a washer-dryer hook-up, school supplies, and diapers for the baby.  Thank you for your continued support.   Below are some pictures of the apartment.

kitchen dining room play area master bedroom 2 master bedroom

Before and after shots of the kitchen floor:

kitchen floor before new floor by the yoders, gerows, and thompsons

Some welcoming touches from the Gerow kids to the Marri kids:

Welcoming Touch cropped Welcoming Touch 5 cropped Welcoming Touch 1 cropped Welcoming Touch 4 cropped Welcoming Touch 3 cropped Welcoming Touch 2 cropped

Rockville United Methodist Church has signed a partnership agreement with the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford to assist them with the resettlement of refugees to the Hartford area. We have agreed to support one family until they become self-sufficient (approximately 3-6 months).  This will involve setting up a two bedroom apartment in Hartford with donated furniture and kitchen supplies, providing transportation as needed and assisting the refugee family in becoming acclimated and independent in their new community.

Our first task was to collect the items needed for the apartment. Many of these people have fled war-torn countries with only the items they could carry.  We have collected enough general items to furnish the two-bedroom apartment.  We will get a list of specific items needed, once we know the ages, genders, and size of the people in our family.

RUMC has been assigned a Syrian family who are moving out of a crowded refugee camp in Turkey.  We know it is a family of nine with a mom, dad and seven children ages 3 to 11 (4 girls and 3 boys).  We will be receiving more specific information about the family soon.  They will be arriving on Monday December 5, 2016.

 Thank you for your help; we will update you as we know more.

Steve Yoder
RUMC Refugee Relief Chairman

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