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Sermon: Training The Children

Children’s Sunday Proverbs 22:6 RUMC June 11, 2017  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). I wish to commend all the parents and other relatives who are active in raising their children in the love of God. At the […]

Posted in June 21, 2017

Sermon: The Promise From Above

The Promise From Above Acts 2:1-21 RUMC 4 June 2017 Once there was a Sunday school teacher who encouraged her class to memorize the Apostle’s Creed. On Children’s Rally Sunday, each child was to recite one section. Sara began, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth.” Rachel continued, “I […]

Posted in June 21, 2017

Sermon: Worship the Ascended King

Worship the Ascended King Luke 24:44-53 RUMC May 28, 2017 On this the seventh and final Sunday of Easter, our focus this morning will be on the Ascension of Jesus, the time when Jesus returned to his Father in heaven. While Christ directs his church from heaven, it is important for us to continue Christ’s […]

Posted in June 20, 2017

Sermon: God’s Marvelous Creation

God’s Marvelous Creation Genesis 1:1-5 RUMC May 21, 2017 Napoleon, the great French military general, was aboard a ship on the Mediterranean Sea one starry night when he heard a small group of French officers mocking the idea of a Supreme Being; one of them said, “The idea of a god of creation is absurd.” […]

Posted in June 20, 2017

Sermon: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled John 14:1-14 May 14, 2017 Years ago, there was a man who was interested in his family history, and to get more information in his research he would visit cemeteries. In one of the cemeteries he noticed one particular tombstone with this unusual inscription:  “Pause now stranger, as you […]

Posted in May 18, 2017

Sermon: The Throne Room of God

The Throne Room by Janet O’Neil Originally written in early 1980’s Dear Love One, There is so much to tell you. I wanted to write to you although I understand you will never receive this letter. I just do not know exactly where to begin. I did not expect to be leaving you so soon, […]

Posted in May 11, 2017

Sermon: The Walk to Emmaus

Walk to Emmaus Luke 24:13-25 RUMC April 30, 2017 One Sunday morning, a pastor observed a young little girl standing outside her Sunday school classroom; she was holding a storybook called, “Jonah and the Whale.” The pastor was feeling mischievous, so he asked her, “What do you have in your hand?” The girl answered, “This […]

Posted in May 11, 2017

Sermon: The Message of the Resurrection

The Message of the Resurrection John 20:1-18 RUMC April 16, 2017 Benjamin Franklin was a colorful character in our nation’s history. Among many things, he was an author, a printer, a scientist, an inventor, a statesman and a diplomat.  In one of his lighter moments as a young man, he wrote his own epitaph: “The […]

Posted in May 10, 2017

Sermon: A Grand Parade

A Grand Parade Mark 11:1-11 RUMC 9 April 2017 All my life I’ve enjoyed marching in parades—the high school marching band, in the military and even riding on church floats—I enjoyed them all. Most recently I participated in the Torchlight parade that featured the Ellington Fire Department in December, 2016.  It was a nighttime event […]

Posted in May 2, 2017

Sermon: Samaritan Woman’s Search for Truth

Samaritan Woman’s Search for Truth John 4:5-42 RUMC 2 April 2017 The Great Depression of 1931 was no time to go into business, but Ted and Dorothy Hustead took a risk and bought a drug store in the little town of Wall, SD. At first, things were okay, but then a series of natural disasters […]

Posted in April 5, 2017

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